Chingaso Gear

The Chingaso Gear concept has been in conceptual development for several years.  Over the years, Craig Peña and Jay Salas (the primaries of Chingaso, Inc.) had been approached on numerous occasions by customers to develop a Latino-specific brand through their Denver-based clothing company - Suavecito Apparel Co.  As one of the few Latino apparel manufacturers in the industry, these two knew that the the brand - Chingaso Gear - would have an immediate appeal.  At the February, 2003 MAGIC Show several prototypes of Chingaso Gear were shown to various manufacturers, distributors, designers and retailers.  There was near unanimous acceptance and excitement surrounding the product line.  Bolstered by the MAGIC reception and consumer needs, Chingaso, Inc. was established as a vehicle to develop, design, manufacture and distribute the Chingaso Gear brand of apparel.  The full line was officially launched at the Fall, 2003 MAGIC show and has exploded onto the urban apparel market. 

The vision of Chingaso Gear is to establish the brand as a premier apparel brand within the urban wear apparel industry.  "Chingaso" is a Spanish slang term for “fight".  The expression - "Chingaso" - has an extraordinary emotional and cultural pull to practically all Latinos as they will almost immediately know the meaning of the word, not just at a cognitive level, but at an intuitive one as well.  Chingaso Gear stands for the individual who is prepared for the challenges of life.  Life is a fight and Chingaso Gear reflects the “chingasos”, the battles, of our lives.  The focus of the brand will be to provide urban wear to the modern consumer who is not willing to settle for the overplayed apparel currently available.  With an “old school” cholo/Latino street flavor and a “bad boy” attitude, Chingaso Gear provides a style that cannot be found within the existing corporate mainstream brands that are currently available. It is the intent of Chingaso Gear to establish the brand as one of the top brands of clothing in the $2 billion a year urban apparel industry.  To this end, all the efforts of the company will be dedicated to creating brand name value with congruent pricing strategy, logo, presentation, cross cultural messaging, and crossover appeal.  With the huge demographic potential presented by the Latino market, combined with the broad and ever increasing desire for Latino fashions within other ethnic and geographic markets, Chingaso Gear is uniquely positioned to establish itself as a premier brand of street wear and fight gear.